Mary Yaeger Design: Mary Yaeger’s New Web Site and Blog

January 7, 2015

Here is a link to my new web site and blog: maryyaegerdesign.com, where I feature my beadwork and other things.

Why did it take so long to figure out I could just add design to my name, and everything else would fit under that?

I’ve been busy with lots of new beadwork designs. Many incorporate Lilly Pilly shell pendants:

Lilly Pilly Pendants with beadwork by Mary Yaeger

Lilly Pilly Pendants with beadwork by Mary Yaeger


Banner for Mary Yaeger Design

October 23, 2014

Potential banner for a new blog and web site with ecommerce. What do you think?

Banner for Mary Yaeger Design


Stuff Beaders Say

March 29, 2012

Stuff Beaders Say.

Yes, that is hilarious. I’m glad I stopped by Jean Campbell’s blog and found this.


Snails in Medieval Manuscripts: Another Getty Center Exhibit

February 2, 2012
Adam Naming the Animals

Adam Naming the Animals



I’m adding this image to my collection of snail images from the Middle Ages:





Adam Naming the Animals

Adam Naming the Animals




January 24, 2012

An owl shows itself. With one of those flaming S Cal sunsets that I forgot about, I’m already in awe; then this quite large bird, powerful, full-feathered wings not a seagull, but whitish, comes swooping down and lands in a tree long enough for us (that is Nikki & me) to see the large dark eyes in the moon face. No mistaking it, an owl, not even a small one, either!

It very much resembled this owl, apparently in decline. Well, thanks for showing yourself, lovely owlie!


Chinese Takeout Container is True Americana

January 15, 2012

The classic Chinese takeout container doesn’t exist in China. They’re made by Fold-Pak, according to an article in today’s New York Times magazine.

Apparently the graphic designer who added the red pagoda and thank you message is unknown. It was fun to read all about that box; I love folding, packaging and origami.


Patagonia’s reversible shoebox

January 8, 2012

My husband purchased a pair of Patagonia shoes at REI, and we discovered a pleasant surprise in their packaging: the box is printed on the inside and is reversible. Either way, the box is very attractive, brown card printed in blue ink:


The above posted photos showing various views.

After googling around a little, here’s another post:

Surprisingly I didn’t find a direct link to Patagonia’s site. No PR, marketing? Or has this product been around so long that it’s no longer news? Patagonia is heavily invested in environmentalism:

Well, thanks, Patagonia. More companies need to be this forward-thinking.