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David Byrne in London

June 10, 2007

Some people might accuse me of spending too much time blogging, but I find that there are a very small number of blogs that I like well enough to read often. I find David Byrne’s web site journal to be insightful, funny and well-written. Here is a post from his 20 May post is about a trip to London.

I like his observations about that curious English blend of “country cottage folk” with sophistication and class-consciousness.

He also has a lot of amusing comments on the London art and museum scene.


Maninas, Adventures in Foodie-blogging

June 8, 2007

Maninas is a great foodie blog. I’ve always wanted to try cooking Croatian dishes, like green bean and egg salad.

I’m also inspired by the great photos, and have always wanted to try stitching up a few desserts and beading a few pizzas. Although I do like to actually cook occasionally as well.


View from Soult

June 5, 2007

View from Soult, originally uploaded by miklows.

This was the view from Soult, a village near Mt. Ventoux.