About Mary Yaeger, aka animary

Mary Yaeger at British Library

British Library, February 2007

I moved to West LA in October 2009 with my partner, David. We love it here and I post sometimes about LA art shows.

Animary started out in March 2007 as a blog about a sabbatical year, 2006-2007, spent in Oxford, England. Occasionally I still post about our English connections, but probably on Stabbed!

Stabbed! is my other blog about creative endeavors, including beadwork, embroidery, handmade art, illustrations, technology. Most of it is about or relates to my own work. When I do post about other people it’s usually because I’ve met them and seen their work in person. When I really admire them I’ll stitch a merit badge in their honor.  I try not to duplicate what other sites are covering.

I may archive animary as part of the re-vamping of www.maryyaeger.com that I’m working on in summer 2010.

I enjoy reading your comments. Thanks for visiting!



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  2. Hi
    My name is Lisa Yaeger and I have been working on my family tree for several years and came accross you web site and was wondering if you have any relatives in Minnesota?

  3. I believe there were some Yaegers from our family in Minnesota, but I’ll have to check with my mom.

  4. Came across your merit badges on the web and vividly remembered the moment I earned each badge:my age and surroundings; the person(s) with me, or if I was alone; my relief, shame, joy, pride, fear.

    Bittersweet and wonderful, thank you!

    – Jennifer M

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  6. I came upon your badge of Christine de Pizan, which I love–I am writing a book about educated women in the medieval and Renaissance period. Just think what they could have done if they had computers!…and freedom.

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