Medieval Modernity

April 12, 2007

I didn’t invent the phrase “Medieval Modernity”; I found it on a post at badaude.typepad.com. Christopher Whalen’s comment led me to domeheid

[I don’t think blogspot offers trackbacks; but I’m still trying to figure them out.]

I’m always seeking out combines like this, the juxtaposition or synthesis of old and new. My Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is sitting on my desk in Oxford, waiting for my return. It’s a crewel embroidery, heretofore undisclosed. I have high hopes for its capturing old/new + form and content. We’ll see.


One comment

  1. You’re quite right: Blogger/Blogspot doesn’t support trackbacks (unless you install third-party trickery like Haloscan). It has its own system of backlinks, but you need to have a Blogger account for that.

    I can’t remember where “medieval modernity” came from. It just struck me that that was what was going on at Luminox with all that pagan rite-of-spring fire stuff alongside the mobile phones and cameras.

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