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Yaeger and Miklowitz now living in LA

October 28, 2009

The past year has been dominated by home buying and selling. Dave, Nikki and I have been officially moved in for over two weeks now, in a 1929 Spanish-style home in Westwood.


Craft: and

April 26, 2007

My favorite blog right now is for the great articles, like a review of The Crafter Culture by Amy Spencer.

I first discovered Craft: in the basement of Blackwell’s, in the computer book section. This didn’t make sense at the time, until I noticed Craft: was an O’Reilly publication. I’d purchased a Javascript manual from them in the past, but evidently they publish titles in “digital culture,” why of course, and now I should be getting it, having tried to shuffle a little closer to that cutting edge of late.

My sweets is telling me it’s “TV time,” (meaning watch a dvd on a laptop, since we refused to purchase a TV license), and tonite it’s Boogie Nights (we watch our favorites over quite often since there’ not a great selection). So, adios for now.


Yellow-painted fields surround Oxford

April 19, 2007

Our bus ride from Heathrow to Oxford was uneventful, until we received a most welcome gift from West Midlands Spring: the brilliant yellow (pure cadmium lemon!) fields of oilrapeseed oil rape in bloom. The concentration of color in large fields really does look poured on the landscape. This link has a photo of a similar field in Germany. I’ll have to share this post with my friends in Environmental Engineering at CU who work with biodiesel fuel.


Medieval Modernity

April 12, 2007

I didn’t invent the phrase “Medieval Modernity”; I found it on a post at Christopher Whalen’s comment led me to domeheid

[I don’t think blogspot offers trackbacks; but I’m still trying to figure them out.]

I’m always seeking out combines like this, the juxtaposition or synthesis of old and new. My Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is sitting on my desk in Oxford, waiting for my return. It’s a crewel embroidery, heretofore undisclosed. I have high hopes for its capturing old/new + form and content. We’ll see.


New face to

March 17, 2007

I couldn’t stand it any more. I just slapped a new front page onto


Is this it?

March 11, 2007


I’m an artist who is known best for my embroidered merit badges about female rites of passage. Over the past decade I’ve followed my urges to explore medieval imagery, beadwork, miniature theatres, and the arts and crafts movement. I’ve kept embroidering and sought to weave together the many strands I’ve got tangled up in, always seeking a way to blend contemporary and historical ideas.

Dave and I have had the enormous good fortune to spend a sabbatical year here in Oxford. What a great time to celebrate turning 50. Our adventures will certainly take up a large portion of my postings, as will my research into traditional English embroidery, illuminated manuscripts and William Morris.

“animary” is the name that has stuck and speaks to my single attempt at computer animation, as well as my constant effort to keep up with the creative tools of technology.

I do wish things would move along a little faster, but as usual the process of creating seems too slow.