Lady of Light, After a Bedford Hours Miniature

January 10, 2008

Lady of Light

I’m calling this illuminated miniature “Lady of Light,” but she’s adapted from a Bedford Hours miniature published in Janet Backhouse,The Bedford Hours (The British Library, 1990). The original is described as “a marginal roundel from the calendar: Februa, mother of Mars, who gives her name to February (f.2 detail).”

I’m printing LoL as my “season’s greetings” card. It’s hard to make time for card-sending in the busy month of December, whereas in January I’m eager to catch up with old friends. Winters in Boulder are lovely; we love our blanket of snow and the brilliant sun that inevitably follows. But it’s nice to see the days start to lengthen again.


  1. I’m not proud of the “Lady of Light” illustration, but still want to develop a style based on 15th-century painters like the Bedford Master. I’m taking a class at the Getty Center, now that we’re living in LA!

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