Bike Trip to Waterperry Gardens

April 27, 2007

Dave and I like to take weekend cycling trips, so I bought a copy of Philip’s Cycle Tours Around Oxford at the Oxford Info Centre. The guide is concise, nicely laid out and filled with delightful-sounding rides, but whether we’ll be able to use it or not is another question. We knew we weren’t the typical fanatics that spend all their spare time in the saddle, but found very little info that fit our situation. After studying the listings more closely, we determined that most routes were too hard, too long, or required transport to the start (we don’t own a car here). Give us a few more weeks and we’d probably be in shape for the 25-plus mile rides, but how to get to them?

In the meantime, I did some googling to figure out an alternative, and scrolled through the “Rides from Oxford” tag on the Oxfordshire CTC web site, finally coming to a “leisurely” entry. This was to Waterperry Gardens, near Wheatley, where Dave had ridden before. The ride was only about 15 miles with a few hills but manageable. Waterperry and the vicinity is charming; we opted to just ogle the flowers in the garden shop rather than pay the £4.50 entrance fee to the gardens this early in the season.


Other highlights were seeing the yellow-stained fields up close and watching the spring lambs bleet and scamper about—too cute!


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